Photo Class at Sawgrass Lake

Cardinal at Sawgrass

The monthly photo class will be held at Sawgrass Lake on Feb. 4th, 1:00 – 3:00pm (7400 25th St. N, St. Pete).

The course is Pay-What-You-Can and 20% of all money collected will be donated to The Rewilding Institute.

This course is for everyone – from basic point-and-shooters to DSLR owners. The 1st half of the course will be on how to use your camera (getting it out of Auto mode!), basic photography techniques, and different aspects of nature photography. The 2nd half will be walking the trails and getting direct feedback on photos you take.

Sawgrass Lake encompasses 400 acres, accessible through boardwalks, and is home to one of the largest Maple swamps on the Gulf of Mexico. In the park you can find numerous bird species, butterflies, and plants. There’s also almost always turtles and alligators sunning themselves along the banks. The Florida Audubon Society and the Great Florida Birding Trail both list Sawgrass as one of the premier birding sites in Florida.

The Rewilding Institute, to whom donations will go, work toward continental-scale conservation. They focus on carnivores throughout the USA, and work for their protection, reintroduction, and the establishment of safe passageways between protected areas. They were also instrumental in reintroducing wolves into Yellowstone National Park. A wonderful cause for donations to go towards.

So come down to Sawgrass on the 4th and experience a little bit of old Florida. Be sure to bring a camera with a full charge and an empty memory card.

About the instructor, Alex Meyer.

Black Skimmers at Northshore Park

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